But for things like coughs and colds, I like to explore natural remedies like essential oils before I reach for the OTC medication. Other causes include: smoking; heartburn (acid reflux) allergies – for example, hay fever; infections like bronchitis; mucus dripping down the throat from the back of the nose; A cough is very rarely a sign of something serious like lung cancer. There was an error submitting your subscription. {"@context":"http:\/\/schema.org","@type":"HowTo","name":"Essential Oil Remedy for Colds","author":{"@type":"Person","name":"Rebecca Dillon soapdelinews.com"},"datePublished":"2020-01-24","yield":"1 - 10 mL rollerball bottle","description":"Tackle your cold symptoms and get natural relief with this essential oil remedy for colds. Place the rollerball cap onto your bottle, and swirl to mix. 2 drops wintergreen essential oil (optional) 20 drops lime essential oil. This is where aromatherapy steps in. Common Cold Relieving Blend . Enjoy a diffuser blend, a soothing bath or steaming shower to help relieve cough & cold … Sore No More Blend… They even sell the other ingredients you need to make their amazing, essential oil recipes, including the fractionated coconut oil and rollerball bottle called for in this cold rollerball recipe. Get the oils for this blend wholesale by signing up here. Headache Relieving Blend. The active compounds found within could work as anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, … Quality aroma diffusers are another excellent way to inhale oils. Add the mixture to a warm bath and gently blend it into the water with your hands. ESSENTIAL OILS FOR COUGHS. Certain oils can help you sleep, which may reduce your risk of cold. Check your email to confirm your subscription to star receiving fresh content! Step 2) mix lavender and frankincense with a carrier (I use coconut or avocado oil) and rub them on your neck and chest. These strongly scented oils can help alleviate your flu symptoms, especially by clearing your nasal passage and reducing headaches. 4 drops lemon . Comes in a handy 10mL bottle that’s easy to carry everywhere. https://helloglow.co/10-essential-essential-oils-for-colds-flu This easy cold rollerball recipe supports your body's immunity. Let us know if you use our blend, we’d love to hear your success story! Add the essential oils to the roller bottle and then top off with a carrier oil. 2 drops peppermint; 2 drops lemon; 2 drops eucalyptus; 1 drop rosemary; 1 drop lime; 1 drop clove; 7. Keep reading to learn ho… (After all, we all feel run down when we’re sick!). Join us in our DIY adventures! For sinus congestion with a cough, add 3 drops of cedarwood essential oil to the above blend. Give your body the strength it needs to battle a cough and cold with natural essential oil remedies. Some oils may even have antiviral benefits to help treat infections and reduce fever. With a blend that includes Peppermint , Frankincense , Lime , and Lavender , Flu Time not only helps increase your energy but also calms the mind when you feel tired or hazy from your cold. If you like this essential oil remedy for colds and flu, then be sure to check out these other essential oil remedies for cold and flu season. They work in the same way as a humidifier or vaporizer, just on a smaller scale. Anytime you need relief from cold and flu like symptoms such as headaches, coughs, sore throat or aches and pains, simply roll the essential oil rollerball along your wrists, temples, behind the ear and bottoms of your feet. This recipe is a bit more involved but well worth taking the time to whip it … Immune Boosting Blend. 5. There’s so much junk going around right now this spring season, get a jump on it with this super cold and cough blend for kids with our favorite power oils! 25 drops clove bud essential oil. Soothes with a natural blend of Essential Oils.3 FL OZ / 9 ML. Learn more. The common cold or flu infections are spread by sneezing, coughing, or touching surfaces that an infected person has touched, and then transmitting the virus to your nose or mouth. There are actually several Young Living essential oils that are now registered as Natural Health Products in Canada that can help reduce the symptoms of a cold and cough. Additionally, using rosemary topically (aka on … Flu Bomb can be used at the first sign of a cold or applied daily to help boost the immune system. When you get a cold or the flu, instead of using OTC medicines full of side effects, turn to Essential Oils for colds and flu relief with all-natural remedies. Looking for all of our fun supplies for oils? Hi, I’m Rebecca! While they don’t contain essential oils, here are some other wonderful, natural ways to fight colds and flu and support your body’s immunity. Bonus: they have a stainless steel ball in for easy application! They each have their own incredible benefits but together, they’re a power team! Sore No More Blend. (I used mine to buy their sweet essential oil diffuser I’d been eyeing for some time.) But for things like coughs and colds, I like to explore natural remedies like essential oils before I reach for the OTC medication. Eucalyptus essential oil (Eucalyptus globulus) is ideal for boosting the immunity of your … Today I'm sharing one of the most helpful essential oils blends -- a Breathe Easy Blend. doTERRA Blends & Recipes for Sinus Congestion. Fill the remainder of the rollerball bottle with fractionated coconut oil. Directions: Add ingredients to a roller bottle, shake to mix in. This easy cold rollerball recipe supports your body's immunity. Please share your tips in the comments below! Diffuser Blend for Cold & Cough - An essential oil diffuser is a powerful aromatherapy tool, enabling you to easily and effectively turn any enclosed area into a naturally cleansed space.